Erasmus+ Policy Statement

Bartın University Erasmus Policy Statement
The internationalization strategy of Bartın University bases on becoming a collaborative and strong partner of European higher education institutions, integrating the best models of innovative and novel teaching and inquiry methods used across Europe and other countries, becoming a worldwide prestigious university, improving the quality of scientifıc researches and promoting the development of students and staff. In this regard,  Bartın University is aware of the importance of Erasmus+ Programmes and has a strong motivation not only to facilitate the active participation of its students and staff in Erasmus+ programmes but also to host  European  partners at the highest level of excellence.

The mission of Bartın University is to educate qualifıed persons with a student-centred approach and contribute to science, culture and art in a national and international level with an awareness of social responsibility. The vision of our institution is to be a university that carries out researches and practices for scientifıc and social problems in a problem-solving way, at which the organizational culture and sense of belonging of members are high, and which is primarily preferred for high--quality education. in accordance with the mission and vision, participating in Erasmus + Programme will facilitate the internationalization and modernization policy of our institution. First of all, our institution will be internationally recognized by sending and hosting students and staff. The exchange of them will raise cultural awareness in the European aspect, provide opportunities to share the best practices in terms of curriculum and research, improve the personal and professional development as well as the quality of learning and teaching of participants. With an understanding of social responsibility, our institution will promote the active citizenship and civic participation of students and staff in the local, national and international levels offering them the chances of mobility and partnerships. Providing such European and international opportunities to students and staff will support  the sense of organizational culture and belonging of the members of Bartın University.

Moreover, hosting European students and staff will create a multicultural environment enriching the research and instruction capacity at the highest level, which is going to make our institution a preferred university by attracting more qualified students and staff both at the national and international levels. Bartın University seeks to reach these goals by integrating and adapting to the developments and changes in Erasmus Education Area. integrating the European Student Card Initiative and Erasmus Without Paper into our online administrative system will not only ease the workload but also promote active participation and recognition without administrative burdens. Each student and staff will get an understanding of being a part of Europe and know how to be involved in Erasmus+ activities and why to be a part  of  it, by this way, they  will grow a  strong European  identity  and a sense of belonging.  To achieve the institutional goals, we pursue ıo carry out Student Staff Mobility Activities, Strategic Partnerships, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree, Jean Monnet (for European Studies), Sports. Youth, Policy Reform, and Knowledge Alliances Programmes.

Bartın University adopts the strategies that will enable to achieve the mission and vision goals and takes the necessary measures accordingly. Thus, Erasmus Office ensures the coordination among National Agency, European Universities, departmental coordinators, students, staff. and administrative Office. In the modernization process, the Erasmus Office takes the responsibility of managing the integration and adaptation of the institution as well as supporting the human resources following the developed strategies.
The strategies set by Bartın University are;

  • To raise the participation to all Erasmus+ Actions in addition to Student/Staff Mobility Activities and enhance the quality of teaching and learning
  • To adapt to new Erasmus + initiatives such as European Education Area, European Student Card. Erasmus Without Paper and integrate the requirements into own system in all levels according to the schedule proposed by the commission; to make digital transformations to take place in  European Education Area
  • To promote all departments (of faculties, graduate schools etc.) to sign inter-institutional and learning agreements so that more students and staff can be encouraged to apply for Erasmus+ opportunities
  • To establish new inter-disciplinary academic branches/departments teaching in the English language to attract more undergraduate and graduate incoming students and staff from Europe
  • To start joint master programmes with European Universıties in terms of the Erasmus Mundus Programme
  • To create a multicultural environment. a strong European identity and the sense of active citizenship and diversity sending and attracting more students and staff across Europe
  • To enable inclusion of the people with fewer opportunities
  • Ta enhance the personal and professional development of the students and staff
  • To promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices across Europe
During the implementation of the strategies stated above, Bartın University envisages to promote unimpeded and environment-friendly practices, ta manage the whole process of application. selection and participation transparently in an accountability perspective, and to maximize the disseminatıon and visibility of Erasmus + actions through local. national. international and social media. Finally, our institution seeks to strengthen the cultural awareness of the students and staff, to encourage them to participate in local society to develop active citizenship and civic participation in decision-making bodies creating a strong European identity.

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