Erasmus+ Policy Statement


This overall strategy was accepted by the Board of Bartın University in 2013 and was
revised in 2015.

As a higher educational institution, Bartın University is of an objective to increase the number
of inter-institutional agreements with more universities from various countries, to receive and
send more students especially from/to the countries in the European Union. It also aims at
sending and receiving qualified teaching staff in order to contribute to the qualification of
both staff and students. Our priority is to mobilize especially first and second cycle students
and we are eager to sign mutual agreements for double or joint degrees with other

Our vision is to become a university which is respectful for global moral values, to integrate
contemporary and innovative teaching methods into our curriculum, to improve the sociocultural
life in the environment and to become a respectful university in national and
international standings. In this regard, Bartın University is ready to take any actions that will
lead us to becoming a member of leading research and educational institution in scientific

Our partners are mainly from Western and Middle-Eastern European countries. We choose
our partners by cooperating with our departmental coordinators who sign the interinstitutional
agreements after they have decided whether the related department and their
course contents are suitable or not with the ones we teach at our institution.

Our strategy as an institution is to increase the agreements and mobilization of both students
and academic/administrative staff. Our ultimate goal is to introduce the inbound students and
staff our province, Bartın, and its natural, cultural and historical importance and beauties.
Our participation in the Programme will allow us to benefit from the mobility of cultures,
language and experience exchanges.

2015 Revised Version

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