Safranbolu is a model city that represents the cultural, historical and architectural lifestyle of Turkish community. It was declared as the World Heritage City in 1994 by UNESCO by means of its conserving the cultural and architectural heritage over the hundreds of years. One of the attractive areas of the town is the bazaar and the houses around it. The cemetery to the south is the best panoramic picture to the eyes. The town also consists of over 25 mosques each of which is of historic value.

Besides its historical places and houses, it also has attractive natural beauties. The intensive forest lands and valleys are very suitable places for picnics and trekking, climbing, cycling and other activities.

Yörük Village, 13 km away from the city centre, is almost an open-air museum with its 300-year-houses and public places that serve the community such as mosques, public laundry, and so on.