The Küre Mountains National Park is located within the boundaries of Kastamonu and Bartın provinces and covers an area of 37.753 ha. It consists of the geographic features as Valla Canyon and Ilgarini Cave; natural beauties like Ilıca Waterfall or rich cultural and folkloric resources with an extensive flora and fauna.

It is also the first member of PAN Parks (Protective Areas Network) in Turkey, which is an organization that aims to protect wild natural areas across Europe.

Although the tourists are not able to find any accommodation within the boundaries of the Küre Mountains National Park, it is not far from the city center of Bartın and the small towns around it. One can reach the National Park from Bartın through Arıt (32 km away), Ulus (37), Amasra (17), and Kurucaşile (55).

A variety of wild animals with a range of tens of mammals and invertebrates from Lutras to leptotes pirithous can be encountered during your visits.

You will have a fantastic experience during your visit the Küre Mountains National Park.