Bringing together the steep slopes and the Black Sea in the north of Bartın, Amasra, also known as Amastris in the ancient history, is set up on a peninsula and two islets which has got a port for small ships. It has a sandy beach which is 1.5 km long. It is so authentic that no one knows how it was created by God!


It is 17 km away from Bartın and one can reach there with his/her own car or by bus within minutes. Especially the tourists appreciate its beauty and beaches near the town. It also consists of a medium-sized archeological and ethnographic museum in which remains from underwater and land are displayed. The castle in Amasra was built during the Roman period. It is seen that it was under the control of different civilizations such as the Genoese, Byzantines, Romans, Seljuks and Ottoman Empire throughout the history.

In the Cekiciler Street of Amasra can be found hand-made wooden materials from various kinds of spoon to souvenir ships for your friends or family.

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Amasra awaits you!

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