Awarded Photo Contest "Erasmus+ Through My Lens"

Erasmus+ Through My Lens

Erasmus+ celebrates its 30th anniversary and Turkish National Agency organizes an awarded photo contest for its sake named "Erasmus+ Through My Lens" so that all Erasmus+ beneficiaries can depict their experiences and achievements through their photos.

If you have benefited from Erasmus+ Programme, join the contest by sharing your photos regarding;

  • what it means to you
  • your achivements
  • your experiences
  • the pros of the programme

The contest will be held from April 18 to June 25, 2017 in periods of two weeks. After each period, the winner will be awarded with a mini polaroid camera with instant printing.

For their support and contribution, special thanks go to Ankara University in the preparation process of this contest.

In order to join the photo contest "Erasmus+ Through My Lens" click here.

 Erasmus Photo Contest